RMS Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement

Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement

  • I, agree to the following terms, which form part of the employment conditions of all employees.

    The employee acknowledges that in the course of their employment at , they may have access or become acquainted with the written materials and other confidential health information, and agrees;

    a) To maintain the confidence of the confidential information and to prevent unauthorized disclosure to or use by any other person, film or company;

    b) To only use confidential information for the purpose of carrying out their duties whether that be during employment or after it has ceased;

    c) Not to remove any part of the confidential information from the premises of the employer without written consent of the employer;

    d) Not for any reason appropriate, copy, memorize or in any manner reproduce or part with any confidential information;

    e) On termination of their employment or else when required to do so by the employer, return any and all of the confidential information including any copy of that information, in whatever form that could be; and

    f) When borrowing manuals/information they will return it wholly and in good condition at the time required by the employer.

    All employees must read our Policy and Procedure regarding Privacy and Confidentiality.

    Any employee in breach of the Privacy and/or Confidentiality Agreement and Policy and Procedure will face disciplinary action.

    ( ) I have read and understood the information regarding the Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement

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