Wrap Around Kids - Ndis Support Coordination Software In Victoria

Wrap Around Kids™ – NDIS SOFTWARE – is an award-winning, Australian program designed to address the growing incidence of kids who don’t fit in with today’s classroom environment. It’s designed to provide teachers with practical classroom strategies for managing different learning styles and behaviors.

Wrap Around Kids Online (WAKOL) is a product, a service, a technology.

Best Program For Special Needs Child

  • It was borne from the desire to create a digital product and system which supports all parties involved with care, management and overall communication for families, organizations, provides, and the widespread community across all parts of Australia.
  • Everyone caring for people with special needs of any kind, require solutions for their day to day care, collaboration and communications. The common ground is that they can utilize a cloud based software as a Service tool (SAAS) to meet and even exceed requirements.

What is Wrap Around Kids - NDIS Software?

When a child has a medical condition or disability, it pervades every aspect of their life. It may surprise you to know that as many as one in five students require additional support during their 30 hours a week at school.

Best NDIS Plan Management System In Victoria For Special Needs Child

Wrap Around Kids™ provides a communication framework for regular sharing of information and expertise between families, teachers and other managing professionals and is compliant with Privacy Legislation.

Put simply, it’s a dynamic collaboration between parents, education and health professionals facilitated by confidential meetings at school.

Here, precious insights are gathered and plans made with the aim of resolving issues affecting the child’s health, learning outcomes, social success, family and psychological well-being.

Wrap Around Kids OnLine (WAKOL) is an internet based software application designed and developed specifically for Wrap Around Kids.

WAKOL provides the tools to:
  • Share information about a child with the key people involved in management
  • Centralise parents’ storage of information critical to the support of their children
  • Implement Wrap Around Kids™ at
    participating schools

Also provided are a wealth of resources in the form of Factsheets, Diagnostic Criteria, Rating Scales, Journal, Media and Web Articles, useful Internet Links and of course all the Forms and Letters for use by Schools.

Researchers will have the opportunity to analyse aggregated data, resulting in a better understanding of community needs.

WAKOL empowers parents, allowing them to decide who accesses their children’s records.

Students and Families

I’d be lost without Wrap Around Kids™. I’d feel I’d have no contact at school without it. Having the health professionals involved opens up a huge book of knowledge …
Sharon, a mother

Wrap Around Kids™ – NDIS SOFTWARE – provides students with:

Effective management for

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Hearing and visual impairment
  • Emotional and behavioural disorders
  • Intellectual disabilities and Physical disabilities
  • other medical conditions
Program benefits provide

  • Early intervention and effective management of identified conditions
  • Improvement in academic, psychological, social and health areas
  • The opportunity to identify and work with student strengths thereby improving self-esteem and sense of belonging
  • Identified funding opportunities to access special programs

Program provides families

  • A new level of understanding for parents and carers
  • Support in advocating for their child
  • Access to all information
  • Practical strategies and understanding of referral services
  • Secure centralised storage of assessments and reports using Wrap Around Kids OnLine

The benefits include

  • Strength in advocacy to authorise professionals involvement in management of each student access to Wrap Around Kids Online professionals
  • Improved understanding of individual strengths and areas of vulnerability
  • Improved family dynamics and sibling relationships
  • Information to navigate referral pathways
  • Receive Wrap Around Reports before everyone else!

Teachers & Health Professionals

Wrap Around Kids™ provides teachers with:


  • Professional development
  • Access to information and practical strategies
  • Multidisciplinary support as a key member of a collaborative team
  • Opportunity for contribution with other managing professionals to the individualized plan
  • Access to Wrap Around Kids OnLine Resource Centre and student assessment and reports


It is exciting to be in a team watching relationships develop between
parents, teachers and health professionals … the communication is still going which is great! 
Simone Ley, Speech Pathologist

The benefits include


  • More time to teach (when 1 in 5 students requires extra teacher time – better management provides it)
  • Improved understanding of different learning styles
  • Direct benefits for individual students and indirect benefits for the class
  • Improved student management during periods of change
  • Reduced teacher stress


Health and education are two fields that one would think would be established partners but in practice, despite many international studies identifying the benefits, this isn’t the case. 
Jude Foster, Managing Director,
Fostering Partnerships

Benefits for Today & Tomorrow

Wrap Around Kids™ provides teachers with:

The training, software and years of experience that will challenge old systems and build greater understanding. With greater understanding come greater rewards.

Already, we are seeing so-called “problem children” blossom as they discover self-esteem and talents beyond expectations to become valued members of the community.

With continued support, we believe we can reduce the escalating community costs of delinquency, family breakdown, school expulsion, teachers’ stress leave, juvenile justice and other welfare costs and produce happier, healthier children capable of achieving true greatness.


We have a growing file of success stories. 



Original “Jigsaw” art was painted by Dan. In Grade 4, Dan’s natural artistic talent was recognised in a Wrap Around Kids meeting and this was to be the turning point for this young man. While his siblings did well at school and sport, Dan soon proved how well he could do in art. His self-esteem soared. Today, he is a popular high school student and an excellent achiever with strong goals in place.


Cameron’s story includes a history of hyperactivity, disorganisation and behavioural problems at home and school. Yet his IQ fell into the superior range. After being diagnosed with ADHD, and trialling medication for one week, the difference was dramatic to say the least – and that was just the beginning. Later on that year, ‘the kid who couldn’t concentrate’ won a national creative writing competition.