Positive Special Needs Parenting

I have had recent enrolment enquiries regarding a students NDIS plan for paying for school fees. This is not allowed because school fees are a part of what any parent would be expected to pay on their choice of school for their child.

I argue that attending an Independent Specialist setting is not a choice but rather a necessity. All the students who attend EdSpace have attended a Government or Catholic school and because of the lack of support or bullying experienced in these settings, parents do not have a choice if they want their child to participate in an educational setting.

Positive Special Needs parenting:

Please see the link for an example of what can be funded under the NDIS and what is unlikely to be approved as it may be considered a parental responsibility.

I sincerely hope that this decision will be overturned when evidence suggests there is not an option for the student to continue to attend a mainstream setting.

I have attached a link to assist how the NDIS decides what is considered a parental responsibility.

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