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Wrap Around Kids™ is an award-winning, Australian program designed to address the growing incidence of kids who don’t fit in with today’s classroom environment. It’s designed to provide teachers with practical classroom strategies for managing different learning styles and behaviours.

When a child has a medical condition or disability, it pervades every aspect of their life. It may surprise you to know that as many as one in five students require additional support during their 30 hours a week at school.

Wrap Around Kids™ provides a communication framework for regular sharing of information and expertise between families, teachers and other managing professionals and is compliant with Privacy Legislation.

Put simply, it’s a dynamic collaboration between parents, education and health professionals facilitated by confidential meetings at school.

Here, precious insights are gathered and plans made with the aim of resolving issues affecting the child’s health, learning outcomes, social success, family and psychological well-being.

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